My name is Alex, I am 6’4″. I work as a glass man just to pay bills. I live to dance, make people smile and use my words to encourage anyone who needs a good lift in life.

When I wake up in the morning I feel blessed to have another chance on this planet to make a name for myself, that truly is my motivation. When I was 13 years old I started into drugs pretty heavy(meth being my drug of choice). 4 years of my existence has been taken away due to destructive addiction, burning bridges between friends, family members and relationships down the way. April 27, 2004 was the last day I would put my hands on a drug.

At age 16, I was sent to rehab and a mental health facility. At 17, I came out a new man turning a new page, but also struggling with sobriety, I turned towards the gym (weighing 115 lbs) not knowing much about lifting weights. I did some research, asked some questions and started to produce my own routines – from learning about food intake to supplementation.

I started to notice definition and weight gain, and that’s when the iron bug bit me. I haven’t looked back since and I couldn’t be happier with what I have accomplished. Now, I’m 27 years old and 100lbs heavier, and 11 years sober. knowing what I’ve accomplished has only pushed myself to want to lift people up motivate them and help them when they are struggling. I used to be a low life druggy but the past is behind me and the future is all I can see.

My favorite motivation would have to be that I survived through a horrible situation and everyday that I’m alive I will prove that I have a right to still be on this planet.  My favorite motivational video would have to be a compilation of Gregg Plitt. His words have inspired me to not worry about my dark thoughts, to rise above and create my own destiny by working my ass off for it.

My favorite motivational song would have to be bassnectar… (can’t remember the name) but there is a lyric that keeps repeating “there is nothing in life that I can’t achieve”. This gets me so pumped for a hard workout . I look up to Arnold the Austrian oak as my bodybuilding icon. His success and his drive to be the best always keeps my head up high.

Between realizing that eating a lot of food to gain weight was what I had to do – to get started I began with eggs, chicken and protein supplements. Focusing on my lifts and the muscle helped my mind and muscle connection, then I started focusing on adding heavier weights. It took a while to learn but the science behind is definitely a hard thing to figure out in the beginning.

I want to see my self heavier, bigger and competing in shows. Training people and being a motivational speaker to kids and adults that need a good word to help them through hard times.

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