Body Transformation: From Terrible to Incredible!

Hello, my name is Chian (sounds like Cheyenne). I’m 28 years old and I live in sunny Florida! I decided to start my fitness journey about a year and half ago. At a little over 203 lbs I was disgusted with myself, I was always wishing I could look and feel good about myself. I was in a size 17 clothes size and getting bigger … I literally woke up one day and had enough, joined the gym, quit smoking cigarettes, changed the way I ate and started working out everyday. I am currently down 77lbs and feel INCREDIBLE! I never knew being healthy would feel so good! I would love to do bikini competitions one day. Most of all I love inspiring others!

My motivation came from myself, and my mother. I had enough of feeling disgusted with myself when I looked in the mirror. My true motivation comes from my mother. She passed away 2 1/2 years ago, overweight and smoking cigarettes to the end. She was only 57 years old… I refused to let myself live and die like that. I follow so many fitness figures …. People like Paige Hathaway, Michelle Lewin, Lacey Deluca…. So many positive influences that motivate me everyday!

I totally changed the way I ate. I cut all sweets, started eating every 3 hours to keep my metabolism up and going, added lots of protein and lots of water. I started a quality multi-vitamin and use the occasional pre-workout drink…usually something by Firelinestrong. I kept motivating myself by looking at my “before” picture all the time. Even tired, I made it to the gym and felt successful when I finished. I continue to push hard and remember why I started and how far I’ve come!

This is ONLY the beginning! I see the sky because that’s the limit! I plan on competing as soon as I feel I’m in peak condition. I would live to do some modeling if given the opportunity! I plan on going to school for fitness and nutrition so that I may encourage and inspire others to change!

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