Breast Reduction – why do guys talk into my boobs all the time

Breast Reduction – why do guys talk into my boobs all the time

whenever I talk to guys (strangers at the post office, male friends, male professors, etc). MOST of them talk into my breasts, I do have natural breasts (38C). a few days ago I went to the butcher to get hamburger meat and I swear the guy ringing me up never looked at my face! I get really embarrassed by this and it makes me feel bad – how can I control this? why do men do this – don’t they know it is embarrassing to me? Note: I DO NOT dress to show my breasts, I wear decent clothes….I’m not going to get a breast reduction, so stop right there, lol. Derek – you are very wrong. Unwanted attention makes women feel embarrassed, it has little to do with my own self image. I was curious why guys do this and don’t realize it’s disrespectul. Stop “deflecting” their actions back onto me — and stay in your lane, btw.

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  1. Dress to make light of the situation…wear one of those shirts that says “These are not eyes” or whatever – I know you can get anything on the net. It should embarrass them enough so that they either look you in the eyes or at their own feet.
  2. it doesn’t necessarily have to be a see through shirt or anything, but if a woman has nice breast, but, etc, allot of men tend to pay attention to whatever body parts turns them on, most men have an imagination, so if your breast are nicely shaped and a certain size, allot of us men will undress you with our imagination.
  3. Guy’s are very visual. I can’t help my self when an attractive woman comes into view, but not looking her in the eye when you are addressing her is just plain rude. By the way, you have a nice ass too.
  4. Why does other people’s actions embrass you? If it is unwanted attention, like they are creepy pervs just tell them “my eyes are up here.” They should be embrassed. If you get embrassed because they act like jerks that means you have issues about your body that have little or nothing to do with them.

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