How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lipo Drone Batteries

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lipo Drone Batteries

Your smartphone has a LiPo battery too. However, the similarity ends there. Drone batteries are relatively more volatile and dreadfully expensive. Hence, care of them should be high priority. Nownot all of drones and their batteries are manufactured at exactly the exact identical way. For example, Phantom batteries may last you longer than Mavic batteries. And Mavic batteries have a longer lifetime compared to Spark batteries.

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Whether your schedule doesn’t let you go out and fly weekly, at least, you should fly once every month. Your LiPo batteries have a high chance of a failure if your drone remains idle for longer than this. Besides the 1 week auto discharge, we recommend storing your drone batteries 30% to 60 percent of total charge.

Deep-cycle your Drone Batteries

Deep-cycle your batteries once every couple flights. Thus, how will you heavy cycle your drone batteries? There are two ways to do this —

From the first manner, you fly your drone till it’s about to lose power. If battery voltage drops to approximately 3.5 V or 5% of overall charge, you’re able to get your drone to hover and eventually, auto property. Do not forget to roll up your drone left and right throughout auto landing. This toilet bowl movement will pull out all possible charge from your drone.

Yet another manner of profound cycling your drone is to land your drone however also leave the power on. The LiPo battery will exhaust all charge after a time and the drone will automatically power off.

Flying your Drone in Hot Conditions
Considering flying to a balmy summer day? You want to take more precautions with your own drone batteries. To start with, usually do not charge your batteries if they are too hot. For instance, at the Phantom 4 and Phantom 3, the light closest to the match will start blinking when the drone batteries have been extremely sexy. If you press on the button, the caution will disappear. Butwe recommend waiting for atleast 30 minutes to allow the batteries cool . Do not leave the battery charging when this light is blinking.

The following note of warning . Don’t attempt to cool down your battery life by putting it into a refrigerator or in the front of an ac. By doing so, you will drastically impact the life expectancy of your own drone batterylife.

The Way to Fly in Cold Conditions
If you are flying in winter, then you will not get as much trip period. In such instances, obtaining a professional case for example GPC will really help. Your LiPo batteries will be kept well insulated and warm.

If you are flying at a cold environment as well as your own batteries are left off in the cold, you certainly can accomplish that — turn your drone up and also leave the power to get a number minutes. Do not simply take off just yet. Turn the drone off and then back on. Doing this will let you get a few minutes of extra flight period.

If it is actually freezing out there, then you also can go one step farther. First turn on your drone and leave it on for a number of minutes. Then turn off it. Turn your back on and put at 5 feet to get 30 to 60 minutes. Bring back the drone and turn it off. Turn in your own drone again, and you also shall be able to squeeze out some extra moments of flight time.

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