The Couples Diet Tips

The Couples Diet Tips

Sometimes I find it hard to be the only one in the house who’s eating strangely or barely eating at all. Seeing all the others around me and realizing they couldn’t care less that I am trying hard to stay away from various sorts of temptations and that they continue to add to the shopping list stuff like cream cookies, chocolate, pork ribs and many many other unhealthy and calorie-full foods, I am quite tempted to give in and forget all about that ideal figure, since no one else seems to care.

It’s very hard not to gain weight when everyone around me is a gourmand. So, I simply decided to stop buying stuff they wanted. If they still wanted to eat sweets and fat meat, they had to go and get it for themselves. My husband did that for a while, until he got bored of the numerous trips to the department store, since he always kept forgetting to buy something. That was the proper moment of suggesting something I’ve heard of for a long time: the couple’s diet.

After all, where there a two, there’s double strength. At least at first. The hard part will be convincing your partner to undergo such an alimentary program, but if you leave him no choice, he will soon start eating the food you eat and subject himself to this diet without even realizing.

At this point, you need to choose a diet that is no too restrictive. My idea was to simply change our lifestyle completely, starting with eating habits. So, we weren’t actually taking a strict diet, we were just avoiding unhealthy foods, and quietly reducing the number of calories we were consuming every day.

The couple’s diet offers lots of advantages. The first thing that occurred to me is that I no longer felt excluded. Coming home from work with a huge hunger sensation and seeing my husband gorging himself on a huge portion of French fries when all I was allowed to eat was a salad or a fat free yogurt wasn’t very nice. In fact, this is the very thing that made me gave up all the diets I’ve tried, because all the temptations were at hand.

The second obvious advantage of the couple’s diet was the fact that giving up became harder when the two of us were involved. When one of us was ready to give up and forget about it, the other one came saying “NO, we have to keep going.”

With this diet, we got to spend more time together and started enjoying activities like cooking all the new strange recipes we never tried before. We soon turned this no so restrictive diet into a lifestyle, and we simply tired to stay away from fats and sweets. But I’ve read that there are couple who try together hard diets, like the ones with grapefruit or watermelons. So, anything is possible, as long as there’s communication. But be ware because the man will always manage to lose more weight in the same period of time, because men have more muscles and women more water based tissues. So don’t feel demoralized if you are not the first one to declare goal achieved.

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