Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid What You Need To Know

Disregarding of the cause of hemorrhoids, whether is it the pregnancy or any other factor, it is at all times better to know why thrombosed external hemorrhoid occurs, especially when you are on the lookout for a heap of treatment to over come this problem?

Cut off of blood supply of an external hemorrhoid leads to thrombosed external hemorrhoid which results into blood clotting inside it. Ordinarily this blood clod exists just beneath the skin inside the veins and formulates over time. Ordinarily of these blood clots is Normally outside the anus and it may be very painful. Normally the internal hemorrhoids, thrombosed external hemorrhoid may be felt and seen with naked eyes. This hemorrhoid may be soft, raisin-like or it can be peas-like hard that are frozen. Commonly similarly called as skin tag because it gives a feeling like an additional mass of skin. These hemorrhoids may be in bluish or purple color, and also reddish when these are irritated and inflamed. Ordinarily suffering from thromosed external hemorrhoid feels irritation, swelling, itching and pain on the affected area.

Diagnosis of thrombosed external hemorrhoid may be performed by physical or rectal examination. There are numerous over the counter medications like cortisone creams to treat this problem; but it takes a long time do away with this problem and one has to face unbearable ache for the duration of this amount of time. There are respective other efficient methods to over come this problem that include warm sitz baths, ice pack on the affected area for a couple of minutes besides modify in diet. When this problem turns severe, it needs surgery either to drain the blood clot or to get rid of the complete hemorrhoid.

As with all other ailments, in the matter of thrombosed external hemorrhoid similarly prevention is better than cure. If preventive measures are taken, you wouldn’t require to undergo surgery. As a measure of prevention you can have higher fiber diet, eat fruits and drink lots of fluids so that constipation is warded off and regular exercising so that blood circulation is heightened.

A person suffering from thrombosed external hemorrhoid has to suffer unbearable pain. An individual those suffering from this problem stay clear from visiting any doctor because of sentiment of humiliation. There are numerous individuals who just feel embarrassed to consult a physician and concede the doctor to have a consider their hemorrhoids despite of facing acute pain. There are three types of hemorrhoids. These are: (1) Hemorrhoids internal, (2) Hemorrhoids external, and (3) Internal/External thrombosed hemorrhoids. Out of the three types of hemorrhoids, thrombosed external hemorrhoid are the worst type.

Using natural methods is one of the best ways to help cure thrombosed external hemorrhoid and is highly recommended before it gets any worse :

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